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Empowering Organisations

Waive specialises in online fundraising. Our are of expertise include marketing, strategy, technologies, collection facilities etc.

Innovation & Execution

Big ideas for the Non-Profit Sector.


We are extremely proud of what we have achieved thus far!

Secure collections

We specialise in assisting NPO’s with their own online collection systems.


We consider ourselves industry leaders in helping NPO’s diversify. Our core function is to ensure that our clients develop income security empowering them to achieve impact.


A donation is so much more than just a number.

  • Opportunity for innovation 

  • Maximize Impact

Marketing & Media

We have experience creating narratives, and helping you tell your incredible story.

Featured Case Studies

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“It has been a great pleasure to work with Chad on the development of the Kids Haven website.

Chad’s industry knowledge of both web development and NGO requirements made a very positive difference to our project.

Chad is incredibly passionate about his work and the quality of what he delivers. 

Angela Kelleher

Marketing, Kids Haven

“Thank you for introducing Enlighten Education Trust to WAIVE and what your company offers in terms of new technologies relevant to our programmes. Your approach is innovative, professional and inspiring to say the least. Your consultation process was thorough, detailed and informative. We appreciate your insignt into the operations of a non-governmental organization, we realized that there are so many fresh, innovative ways of fundraising for an organisation like Enlighten. Thank you for an enlightening experience!”

Magriet Peter

Trust Manager, Enlighten Education Trust

We can highly recommend the work done for the Silwood business namely in developing an online application system for prospective students, a parttime class online booking and payment system and upgrading our existing online student mark system. 

The online student application system and parttime class booking and payment systems have made us more efficient in our responses to enquiries. Both systems have allowed the office staff to apply their time to other important areas of the business whilst still being able to track and contact any of the enquiries if necessary

The mark system has freed up an immense amount of office time and decreased the chances of human error in the process

All in all our new systems have increased our efficiency and allowed us to focus on other areas of our business

Carianne Wilkinson

Director, SA Chefs Association